Injured Workers and Personal Injury

Dr Garvey is a Senior Approved Medical Specialist with the Workers Compensation Commission of NSW and MAS Medical Assessor with SIRA (State Insurance Regulatory Authority) as well as with WorkCover Tasmania and has a particular interest in work-related hernias and groin disruption injury including re-do surgery for failed hernia repairs. He is approved to undertake assessments for Workers and Claimants in digestive system, urinary and reproductive systems, skin and plastics and lower extremity. In addition, he has a thorough understanding of post hernia groin pain syndrome.

About half the number of patients seen at the Groin Pain Clinic have suffered an injury at work and are treated under the Workers Compensation system. People injured in Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA's) and other personal injuries are also offered help by accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of their conditions. Independent Medical Examination (IME's) reports are also provided to solicitors and insurance companies on request for a consultation and examination.

Dr Garvey has worked with many personal injury lawyers and insurance providers in Australia.

Independent Medical Examinations: Information for Workers - State Insurance Regulatory Authority

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