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Dr John Garvey, who specialises in mesh-free hernia repairs, said the medical profession was too reliant on using mesh to fix hernias and its potentially devastating side effects were being underestimated.

3 December 2020
Emily McPherson - 9 News

Listen to Dr Garvey presenting at a conference about his extensive experience in removal of hernia mesh for the treatment of chronic groin pain after hernia repair.

3 October 2020
American Hernia Society annual meeting - New York

Calls for better regulation of mesh in hernia surgery

4 April 2019
Life Matters - ABC Radio

If you wish to skip directly to Dr Garvey's segment, please listen from 10:50.

Athletic Groin Pain Proximal to the Inguinal Ligament by Dr John Garvey

November 2012
Aspetar Groin Pain Centre

60 Minutes - The Trouble with Harry

Friday May 14 2010

Surgeon Dr John Garvey and his team are the best in the world at this operation. At first, it doesn't sound great, but after about half an hour of surgery, Dr Garvey is very pleased with his work, and even makes a bold prediction.

I think he could expect five more years, five more seasons.

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