Humanitarian Work

In April 2014, Dr Garvey was a team member to the Hernia International Mission to Korogwe in Tanzania, a volunteer humanitarian mission to provide hernia at services to an under privileged population in Central Tanzania, Africa. In the past, he has served with Operation Hernia.

Operation Hernia (OH) is an independent not-for-profit organization that provides professional and educational opportunities to surgeons and surgical trainees in the repair of long-standing groin hernias at rural hospitals in West Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, The Gambia), East Africa (Malawi, Rwanda), South America (Ecuador, Peru), Mongolia, Moldova, Ukraine and India.

Operation Hernia was initiated in 2005 from Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, England, via that city’s official cultural link with Takoradi, Ghana. OH is also affiliated with the European and American Hernia Societies and the Operation GivingBack section of the American College of Surgeons. To date, Operation Hernia has repaired over 6,000 hernias, at 18 locations in 11 countries with volunteers originating from 22 countries.

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