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Dr John Garvey

Dr Garvey has worked as a Specialist Surgeon in private practice in Sydney for over 25 years. In December 2015, he was appointed Senior Approved Medical Specialist for the Worker's Compensation Commission of New South Wales.

He trained at St Vincent’s Hospital and Royal Prince Alfred Hospitals in Sydney and at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. Dr Garvey undertook his basic surgical research training in the Nuffield Department of Surgery in the University of Oxford (Balliol College) under the supervision of Sir Peter Morris.

Dr Garvey consults and performs surgery on a daily basis and performs a wide range of procedures including hernia repairs, vasectomy and digestive tract endoscopies.

Digestive tract endoscopy for ulcers and cancer is a major interest and Dr Garvey regularly presents his results at peer review studies, which indicate that his technical skills and qualifications are comparable to any diagnostic Endoscopist in Sydney. Dr Garvey occasionally receives referrals for difficult patients who have previously had failed endoscopies from other centres, that require extra technical skills to have their digestive tract endoscopy successfully completed.

In addition since 1990, Dr Garvey has a specific interest in chronic groin pain and specialises in diagnosis and surgery for groin disruption in elite athletes.

In 1999 he established the Groin Pain Clinic at South Sydney Sports Medicine and this pioneering work has resulted in the restoration of many sportsmen's careers. Over 20 years, many elite athletes have been referred for treatment including international athletes, who have undergone successful surgery, and this includes many professional footballers (England Premier League - EPL) who had been unable to play (some said to be "incurable") because of untreated injuries of the groin.

Dr Garvey also undertakes medico-legal assessments and opinions and holds the qualification of Certified Independent Medical Examiner(CIME) from the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME), indicating competence in giving an independent medico-legal opinion for Solicitors, Workers' Compensation, Third Party cases, etc. Dr Garvey is active as an Approved Medical Specialist (AMS) for State Insurance Regulatory Authority (which covers the organisations previously known as WorkCover NSW and the MAA) as well as WorkCover Tasmania.



B.Sc(Med) University of NSW (Hons Class 1)


MBBS University of NSW


D.Phil (Oxon)


FRACS Fellow Royal Australian College Surgeons


CIME Certified Independent Medical Examiner
(American Board of Independent Medical Examiners)


FACS Fellow American College Surgeons


AMS Approved Medical Specialist Workers Compensation Commission (NSW)


Senior Approved Medical Specialist (SAMS)


MAS Medical Assessor with State Insurance Regulatory Authority (NSW)


Working With Children Check: WWC1486448E

Practice Secretary

Kristine King

Professional Memberships


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